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Emeralds of Paris

Love Paris so much. I want to get a small place and fill it up with all the Black boots and sweaters Which I restrained myself from buying over the years. And creams. And cakes. And perfumes.

I’m going from sushi place to oyster bar. Switching from champagne to red wine.

Like Rumi. When he said. ” going from village to village on my horse. Asking everyone. Have u seen my Horse?” =)

Looks like I’m stuck in Paris for a bit.

And I don’t mind it all!!!

“The first rule of travel is that you should always go with someone you love. This is why I travel alone …..I mean, you meet people. But you also meet yourself. I believe that traveling alone is the last great test of who you are in a world where everyone aches to be the same. ”

-Andrew o’Hagan”

” People don’t take trips,

Trips take people”

– John Steinbeck

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