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Jeans & Hike, Los Angeles

Sept 28, 2014

Who’s joining this time to dance under the Stars?? With biking along these wavey paths of life surrounded by sand , ocean, music and tales!! From here to Malibu!!!

Start your day with at least 20-30 min yoga, regardless of how busy. Over the years I find that short and consistent sessions at home are most provocative to maintaining my body in and out in a relative balance. Rodney Yee and Douglas Wong are my favorite guys to hang around at 4 or 5 am wherever I am. Follow this with prayer, focus on important things from a business to do list. Then go for a nice run. The blood from the yoga session irrigated most small muscles; the high of the prayer and focused work got the spirit and mind brewing high. Running enhances the joy and there is no looking at the clock. When back have a one shot of espresso ( lol) and go to the Boxing Ring. The game will be powerful, energetic, challenging, creative, fun, fun, fun. … Eat some scientific foods in between!! (100 sit ups a must!!)
I am here now!!

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