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Touch My toes, India

Diwali – meaning “rows of lighted lamps ” is the annual Indian holiday is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist and celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.

Purest IFTAR ever.

A Thick Safran -Mango – Banana – Onion Salsa–is layering the perfectly Steamed Turbot… Apple, tomato, thick red Leaf embalmed in the most virgin- chlorophyll – rich olive oil, confused by some very Aged ( and wise) Balsamic Vinegar greets over the Gently Roasted Walnuts.

My ” Hmmmm” song is heard all the way to Heavens.

So satisfied. I’m ready to relax into my Dreams of a Range Rover SVAutobiography!! ….

But first I need to turn – up the volume of my Bollywood music.

Sometimes the lightest form of yoga is the most gentle on body and mind and its invigorating depths is Infinite. To me this is more Power Yoga than any other.

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