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Fondue in Deer Valley

Today in an all wheel (AWV) Buick Enclave – the word itself describing a Box — seat belts, co-pilot and this 19 years old person still inside of me??? Yes she is. I kick myself and decide to push forward with more Pathos. The hills are steep, but I changed my Tracks..I’m hungry once again for IT.

The Wonderful song , ” good bye Agony” devoured with my teenage son in the car. He sings gorgeously and very loud. This rented Buick is vibrating, it may never know the same. We are both ” transponded” in a place with No Dimensions.

Changing lanes today: from Fast lane to Memory lane  what happened between then and now?

At 19 I was driving my white convertible rabbit on these same mountains /-“Top -down” in the middle of winter — to fit my skis. . The thrill of the fast ride, the music, the narrowness and height of the road, steered me. Living with no fear except that of not moving fast enough.

My son separately goes through the meaningful lyrics of this and several more songs. Finally heavy music makes sense to me.  It’s so deep and heart felt. The Music overall is of low vibration, which is what kept me away. But this one is good all around. Super moment of bonding. New language, too. This genre It’s all just like Othello about ” racism, love, jealousy, betrayal, revenge and repentance”…..but with a contemporary tweak. I Finally Listened!!!

And then I Pushed the Rewind Button and I landed back into my own world of Fantasy and Fun. The times of my Rabbit.

Cheers to Joy!!

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