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Sunny Demeanor. Creative at all levels, including business. Elegance and Class, rooted in education, hard work and persistence, world trotting. Very fit.  Energetic. I extend myself towards helping others.  I am above all human with yet to be discovered qualities and unexplored yet faults.

My Motto

The Divinity of the moment is illusory.  The Illusion of the Moment is Devine.  Let’s drink and enjoy this without any hesitation as there is no better choice on the menu.

Passionate About

We travel the world while attending on issues related to Sustainability. Impact and Economic equality. Most of our projects are infrastructure related towards communication and renewable energy. sports, developing enterprises, family, close friends from everywhere, own development, feeling alive.
I am not based in California. I Choose the World… and YOU?

I Spend My Leisure Time

Sports, Travel, Read, Write, Design, Help, Entertain, Events

My Professional Journey

An extraordinary voyage, I feel lucky.  I adore the incredible experience of creation.   My professional road has been « the path less travelled », crowned in courage, risk and pleasure

Who Influenced My Life

my family,  my ex-es…. my own professional experiences with highs and lows and thus, those who stood by during times of HIGH and those very few who held me during my temporary failures


Napoleon Hill’s books
The Alchemist
Osho’s 1000 Meditations


Hiroshima mon Amour
The Girl with a Pearl Earing
Les Intouchables

People Notice About Me

Poetry in motion.
Sunny. Or in French, “brillante”


“The Day His Phone Calls Stopped” my own writings about understanding how our deep seeded beliefs created in childhood and our DNA are ruling our decisions, regardless of any noble intentions which may crown our superficial selves

My Music

I believe that Music is the platform of rendering our highest vibration, synchronizing our thoughts, emotions, feelings,  passion

Ludovico Einaudi, today’s best Pianist,
his music is Dreamlike

Caro Emerald, sweet and
amazing Jazzy lady

Martin Frost world’s
best Clarinetist

My Travels Experienced or Envisioned

A good trip is when work and pleasure are mixed.  Biking in South- East Asia, Veneto, Provence

Golf in Evian, Pelican Hills, Songdo, Dubai

Tennis in Bangkok, Yoga in Bali

Africa for work, Europe, Vermont, the World

The travel within myself

A Special Evening

I mix culture, food, relax, sports.  My idea evening is Simplicity, while wearing a Long Gown.

My Drinks

Incredible teas, especially earl greys.

I am pretty “Green”… yet when it comes to Champagne I prefer Rose’  A perfect picnic nearby the River Seine.

And … My Deserts… chocolate, mangos, cheesecake.  In summary, all deserts.

My Fetish

High quality headphones

Colorful Nikes

A Yoga Mat

My Shops

Elegant, Sportive, Chic…. Not-by coincidence Lots of online shopping.

I adore fashion as a way to express my Art of Self in Real-Time

Historical Inspiration

People of my personal encounters are those who make the difference,

but I find Anthony Robbins inspirational

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